Information Collection Review Data on gives the public access to current and historical data on information collection reviews (ICRs) by the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) under the Paperwork Reduction Act. Since the summer of 2006, OIRA has been using a new, enhanced computer system, replacing a 20-year-old mainframe computer, to support the information collection review process. With the new system, Federal agencies are able to submit materials for review electronically and OIRA can track the entire process automatically. The new system also gives the public the ability to view and search information collection reviews on
        All data previously available in the old mainframe system have now been moved to The old system contained records from as far back as the 1970s. From time to time, the old system was modified, including several instances of adding more data to the information submitted by agencies and retained in the system about each submission. The most recent major system redesign occurred in 1995. One of the biggest changes introduced at that time was saving data about the original agency request, in addition to what was actually approved by OIRA. Previously, only the approved numbers for burdens and expiration dates were maintained in the system.
        Under the review process, approved information collection requests are assigned OMB control numbers. A single control number may apply to several related information collections. The new system gives the public the ability to see the electronic documents associated with the submission, including documents for the related information collections.
        Because the old system did not contain as complete a record as the new system for many of the agency submissions and the move to the new system required fitting the old data into the new record structures, some appear to be incomplete. For the most part, this should not be confusing to users of However, individual searches could be affected by the existence of data in recent records that simply were never requested or retained in earlier years' records. Examples include searches that involve the various conditions listed on the Advanced Search screen under the heading 'ICRs that' and searches under Line of Business, a field added in connection with Federal Enterprise Architecture requirements. The data fields associated with the conditions 'Affect small entities' and 'Employ statistical methods' have been collected since September 1995; the others have only been collected since July 2006. Therefore, you should not check these conditions to search for data older than these dates.